Picture this: your dentist has just told you that you need a crown to replace a broken, cracked or missing tooth. Bad news, right? All you can think about is the incredible amount of time you’re going to have to spend in the dentist’s chair taking messy impressions, driving back and forth to a series of appointments to place your temporary and then permanent crown, and the three-to-four week wait for the dental lab to finish creating your permanent crown, not to mention the major costs associated with receiving a crown! But wait- there’s good news! Thanks to CEREC technology, you no longer have to go through the hassle of the traditional crown replacement process. With the advent of same day crowns, there are no impressions, no weeks of waiting, and you can have your permanent crown installed before you even leave the dentist’s office. Getting a replacement dental crown has never been this easy!

How Do Same Day Crowns Work?

With same day crowns, the future of dentistry is here! Using state-of-the-art laser scanning technology, your dentist will take a digital impression of the area of your mouth where the crown is needed. He or she will then create a 3D model of the tooth using cutting-edge rendering software. Your dentist can use this software to customize your same day crown and then 3D print it out of a natural-looking ceramic while you wait. The result is a beautiful new crown that didn’t take weeks to create in a lab. You can leave the dentist’s office with your new crown in place without any of the hassle of follow-up appointments, temporary crowns that are prone to falling off, or delays in the production of your permanent crown. It’s as easy as that!

How Do Same Day Crowns Compare to Lab-Created Crowns?

A same day crown may take far less time to create, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t high-quality. Made from a durable, natural-looking ceramic material, your same day crown will be every bit as reliable as a traditional crown that was created in a lab. Not only that, but you can expect great results when it comes to matching the color of your natural teeth. The only difference is convenience!

Do Same Day Crowns Cost Less Than Traditional Crowns?

Though the answer may differ in certain situations, same day crowns tend to cost less than crowns that were created in a lab. Not only can you enjoy the benefits of time savings by opting for a same day crown, but you can save money too!

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