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When your tooth aches or you received a significant blow to the mouth, it may be time to call for emergency dental services. Before you reach for the phone, it’s important to be able to identify symptoms that require emergency care. For those considering emergency dental in New Hyde Park, NY, here are some of the signs that you should be in contact with your emergency dentist straight away.

Draining Pus or Visible Abscess

Just like any other body part, teeth can become infected. If pus or an abscess are present, you likely have an infection that needs antibiotics. Your dentist can diagnose this, prescribe needed medications, and set up follow-ups to address the underlying issue, such as a cavity or tooth decay.

Trauma to Your Teeth

If you receive a blow to the mouth that dislodges a tooth or chips away large chunks of it, you need to seek emergency services. The tooth needs to be tended to immediately in an attempt to preserve the nerve and reseat the tooth.

Swelling That Won’t Go Away

When your face or gums are visibly swollen or you can’t properly close your jaw, there’s a chance you could have an infection. An infection in the tooth or mouth can be very serious. If these symptoms exist, it’s important to seek emergency dental services to prevent an infection from spreading.

Mouth or Gum Bleeding That Doesn’t Stop

It’s common to have some bleeding in the gums from time-to-time. While this should be addressed with your dentist, it’s not cause for emergency dental services. It’s when you have bleeding that won’t stop after a few minutes that you need to seek emergency dental care. If the bleeding is severe, you should head to the nearest emergency room to stop excess blood loss.

Severe Pain

Pain is the body’s way of telling you something is wrong and should not be ignored. This applies to severe pain in the mouth as well. Attempt at-home first aid such as taking anti-inflammatories, icing, and rinsing with saltwater. If these remedies don’t help and pain lasts for more than 30 minutes, it’s time to seek emergency care.

Where to Seek Emergency Dentist In New Hyde Park

For those in New Hyde Park, NY, it is essential to know where to turn to when the need for emergency dental services are required. The team at Silverstein and Vinciguerra provide emergency appointment are here to assist with your dental needs, including an after hours voicemail service.

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