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Looking for a reliable dentist New Hyde Park, NY residents have come to rely on? Finding dentists in New Hyde Park to take care of emergency issues? Searching for reliable Hyde Park dental services? If your answer was an immediate ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then you have landed on the right digital page. You can find dental solutions in each of these areas.

Established and experienced, Silverstein & Vinciguerra, LLP has served patients in the New Hyde Park, NY area with a focus on delivering high quality dental care solutions to everyone.

Our services range from family dentistry to cosmetic procedures. Ensuring you can get the beautiful smile of your dreams in a simple way. Want to seek relief from dental pain or grow more confident by improving your smile? We have got the solutions and the experience to help you out.

From the second you contact us at Silverstein & Vinciguerra, LLP to the moment you leave our offices, our professional and highly qualified staff is there to assist you. We ensure that we understand your needs and help you get the medical attention that you require. Take care of your oral health today by reaching out to us in New Hyde Park, NY!


Enjoy State of the Art Dental Services in North New Hyde Park, NY

Some of the most crucial requirements for seeking out Dentists in North New Hyde Park, NY are their reliability, experience, and approach to dental care. Only by combining these aspects can you get the kind of treatment that you need to take care of your oral health in an optimal way.

At Silverstein & Vinciguerra, LLP, we make sure to treat you, the patient, with the utmost attention and care. This helps us provide you with the gentle treatment you deserve. We know this helps resolve the dental issues you are facing. Our experience in delivering various kinds of dental services helps us understand what sort of procedures will be best suitable for you. As a result, we can provide you with personalized care that helps you feel comfortable while also resolving the issues at hand.

We also make sure to assist you in claiming your insurance in case you depend on coverage to get the dental care you need.

Whether you need dental x-rays or root canals, dental veneers, or teeth whitening, we make sure to guide you every step of the way. This helps us deliver timely and accurate services that you expect from our practice. Our office serves the New Hyde, North New Hyde Park and Hyde Park, NY areas through our state of the art facility. Regardless if you need a consultation for dental bonding or require an appointment for tooth extraction, feel free to contact us with your needs.


Our Practice Specializes in a Wide Range of Dental Services in Hyde Park, NY

Finding a dentist Hyde Park and New Hyde Park, NY residents have come to trust with their oral health can be quite challenging. When you find a dentist who is experienced, they don’t specialize in the branch of dentistry that you need.

And when you find a dentist with a focus on specific services, they lack the necessary experience to deploy first-grade dental care.

At Silverstein & Vinciguerra, LLP, we combine the expertise and specialization required to take care of an array of oral health issues. But that’s not all. Our commitment to providing an exceptional and friendly patient experience, along with personalized service, also goes a long way.

It helps us deliver modern cosmetic dentistry treatments that help you achieve the beautiful smile you always wanted. This approach to deploying a variety of dental services has helped us establish our prowess in New Hyde Park and Hyde Park, NY areas.

This is also why we take pride in the 5-star reviews that we earn from our patients, as a dentist in Hyde Park, have come to trust. Whether you need emergency care or want to book an appointment for recommendations on beautifying your smile, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We will be glad to hear from you and help you through our expertise right away.

Visit us at Silverstein & Vinciguerra, LLP, 2001 Marcus Ave #60, New Hyde Park, NY 11042, or call us at 516-362-2257 today. Our professional staff will be happy to help you maintain your smile for a long time to come.